Hannah’s Journey

Hello again.

As previously mentioned, Hannah will be participating in the Compass Community Church Windsor March Break Mission Trip for Junior High Students (that’s a mouth full).

This will be the first time Compass leads a junior high focused mission trip and there is a lot of excitement as the team has been created, details come into place and connections are made in Windsor.  One of the tasks the team members had to complete was a letter outlining the purpose of the trip and the funds needed to be raised.  Below is Hannah’s letter.




Hannah in Bolivia (2013)

Dear friends and family,


I am writing this letter to tell you about a unique opportunity. I have the privilege of participating in during the March break.

I will be going to Windsor with other junior high students and leaders from Compass Community Church.  The Compass junior high students and leaders will be serving alongside the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative.

The purpose of this trip is to help children in an at risk neighborhood. We will be running a day camp for these children. This will tell them about God’s amazing love for us. Part of the trip will include making a meal to serve to these families, as well as planting a community garden. I pray that through this trip that I would become closer to God the Father. I have seen extreme poverty in Bolivia (2012-2013) and the Dominican Republic (2015) but I have never seen such poverty my own country. I know that God has called me to mission for a third time to Windsor because he wants me to know that there is poverty in Canada and they need his love just as much as the people in the Dominican and Bolivia as well as the rest of the world. This experience will stretch me and challenge me. I can’t wait to see how God change the lives of children and their parents.

In order to fulfill God’s purpose, I need some help! Prayer is a big part of this trip. I am asking for 15 people to be praying for me daily; before, during and after the trip. You can pray for things like health, safety, the rest of the team, the church in Windsor we will be partnering with, and finally for the moments when we impact others and be impacted for God’s purposes. Also I need financial support too! I need to raise $600 because that’s the cost of the trip. The church has already covered some and I have contributed too but I still need some additional money. All of the money, and any donation is be greatly appreciate

**Please know that all donations over $20 will get a tax receipt.**

Sincerely with love,

Hannah Vis


If you would like to join Hannah’s prayer support team, you can email me and I will pass that on to her.  If you are able to support her financially, please do so via Compass Community Church (for a tax receipt).  Cheques can be mailed to, Compass Community Church, P.O. Box 86, Orangeville, Ontario, L9W 2Z5 (Put Hannah’s name and Windsor Mission Trip on the cheque).

As always, thank you for your time and support.  We are able to do the work we do only because of the generous support of others.