Tyler’s Journey and Support Letter



Compass DR Mission Team 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

During the March break of 2016 I’m excited to be returning to Los Alcarrizos, Dominican Republic with 11 other high school students and 4 leaders for Compass Community Church. We will be going with iteams Canada, a charitable organization that helps sends youth around the world to improve the lives of others. We will be serving at the lighthouse along with 4 other church groups.

In the DR we will be visiting a local church, and spending the rest of the week working on a local construction project. There will be times during the week that we will get the unique opportunity to spend time playing with the children in a variety of ministry options.  You can learn more about the Lighthouse by clicking here.

I would love if you could pray over this missions trip. Pray for the 16 of us as we seek to grow closer to Jesus as well as each other. Pray for the people that we meet down in the DR, and that we may have the opportunity to speak into their lives. Finally, pray for me… that I would stay safe and experience all that God has in store for me. If you can commit to praying for me and the rest of the team before… during… and after our trip, please let me know.

In order for us to get down to the DR we need to raise, as a team $34,800. We cannot do this alone… we need your help. Compass Community Church covers 1/3 of the cost, we need to raise 1/3 as a team and, personally, I will need to raise a minimum of 1/3 of my costs, or $700 (more if we don’t raise enough on the team fundraisers).  Please consider supporting me financially.  Any amount is greatly appreciated. If you are considering this, click here, then click donate now.

One other way you can support the team as a whole, and maybe buy a few things as well, is to check out the silent auction fundraiser we are hosting this weekend (Jan. 30).  If you are not in the area, that is fine!  You can bid online for any item with a buy it now option.  There is even a week at Camp Kwasind up for grabs!

Thank you for considering supporting me in prayer and/or giving. This trip would be impossible without your generosity. I’m excited for this opportunity, and I’m looking forward to sharing about it with you when I return.

Thank you.


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