Short Christmas Card Update

Overlooking Cochabamba

When our kids decided to raise some money to send to Bolivia, I was proud of their initiative and motivation to help others.  I also thought they might raise $100 – $200… assuming they were able to follow through (let’s be honest, they are still kids and, like most kids, are prone to be distracted over time).

While we did have days when we had to remind the kids why we were spending evenings making cards to sell, they did a great job and each found their groove in unique ways.  For example, we learned Tyler had no desire or ability at making cards… and, to be honest, I don’t think many would have bought cards he made.  But, on his own, he became the sales man at his school by telling everyone the story behind why we were making the cards and who was getting the money in Bolivia.

Well, like I said, I expected a best case scenario of up to $200.  Well, we tallied the numbers and the Vislets have raised about $650 (that is over 300 cards)!!  We still have a few outstanding IOU’s, so it could be slightly more if that money comes in.

I am very proud of the work my children have done.  I believe God placed a challenge/idea on their hearts and has blessed them (and children in Bolivia) because they responded to God.

I will give a more detailed update and some of my reflections in the next week.  For now, Thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past year and especially during this past month with the kids Christmas Cards Fundraiser.

Be Blessed.

Vislets in Bolivia

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