Christmas Card Update

In case you did not know, we have some creative and awesome kids!  I might be bias, but if you want to know what they are up to this year for Christmas, you should read about it here.

DSCF5814 To date, the kids have raised over $150.  They will be selling cards at their school Christmas concert and Carter’s class has made 200 reindeer candy canes to sell in support of the same Center in Bolivia.  I believe this number can double by next week.

For those not familiar with the Bolivian exchange or what $150 Canadian can buy (as Carter was wondering the other night), the exchange is about 7 Bolivianos (yes, that is their currency) for every Canadian dollar (roughly).

That means, $150 is about 1,050 Bolivianos.  So what does that buy?  I am happy you asked.

Last year at the center, during the week leading up to Christmas they ran a VBS style camp for the children in the community.  There are different costs associated with that, but one thing they did every day was buy juice bags for everyone before they went home (think drinking box here).  1 boliviano buys 2 juice bags.Juice bags

So, $150 or 1,050 Bolivianos = over 2,000 juice bags.

The reality is they are not going to use the money to just buy juice bags, but for our kids this was an easy visual to help them understand the blessings this money can be.  I hope it is a good visual for you too.

Several times over the past week one of our kids will ask, “So how many juice bags are we up to?”

Till next week!

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