At times, it is hard to believe that only last Christmas we were in Bolivia starting to feel home sick with the 

December in La Pazreality of where we were really sinking in.  The sun was nice and getting to swim outside on Abby’s birthday was a great joy, but family was a far away and we were in a very strange and different country.

Christmas for us in Bolivia was a very simplified event compared to our Canadian traditions.  While we truly enjoyed many things there, I don’t think we realized how great it was till now that we are back in Canada.  We have struggle at times with the sheer volume of “stuff” around us.  We are constantly being told to buy more and more… get this deal or that one, but make sure you buy buy buy.  Living in Bolivia, even being away from family, seems so much better.

Don’t get me wrong.  It is not all bad here and good there, but it is definitely different.

We are seeking to simplify Christmas here a bit more too.  It isn’t easy with four children who are marketed too constantly, but we are doing our best.  Partially because we have too, but largely because we feel we need too.  Christmas, for us, has to be different from the commercialized version we are sold.

Part of this desire has led to a conversations with our kids.  They have decided (completely on their own) to do something for a place we volunteered at last Christmas, Centro Comunitario Sumumpaya.  You can see our thoughts and pictures from last year at Christmas (here) and from the Centre (here).

Our children have decided to make and sell Christmas cards to raise funds to send to the Centre.  Jen and I have always tried to help them with these types of ideas by acting as there road crew and working behind the scenes, supporting them in any way we can, but letting them be the drivers of the idea.  We have also been blessed with a great school and staff who have not only encouraged and supported our family and children, but provide them opportunities within the school to share their ideas.  Carter’s teacher has even decided to have a class project to raise some funds to the centre too… something  that would never have happened if he did not share what God had placed on his heart!2013-11-30 14.08.532013-11-30 14.09.19

Sometimes, as most kids do, they have great ideas but are not able, or fail, to follow through… but our kids have already made somewhere around 80+ cards and raised over $50!  How exciting is that!

Our plan will be to raise money till school ends before Christmas, and update the amount raised on this page. If you have any questions or comments, please use the section below and we will monitor that closely.  If you would like to purchase any cards, please email Jen or I ( & anytime.  You can also see a PDF of the information flyer by clicking here.

It is a real blessing to have a front row seat to what God is doing in our kids lives.

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