Ride For Refuge and Health Update


It has been 3 months today that we returned to Canadian soil.  The past 3 months have had many rollercoaster moments of great highs and deep challenges.

Over July and August we were deeply blessed with the generousity of so many… from donations of food and money to people giving us their homes to live in.  God is good and provided so many things to us through friends and family.  

We raised support to go to Bolivia, but receiving support this past summer was different.  Last summer, people gave so that we could go and do ministry in a cross cultural context, but this summer people were giving just to give and support us.  There is a small, yet significant difference.  Last year we were able to show what supporters money and prayers were able to produce, this year it allowed us to pay for gas and food for our family.  Adjusting back to Canadian culture has been an interesting journey with some unexpected oddities… one of the biggest being the nomatic kind of lifestyle we have experienced.  Even today, as we are back in our home, we are very aware that once I find full time work again, we would likely need to sell and move.  So how settled do we get in our current home?!

On top of that, my health prevented me from doing much of anything.  Knowing people have given you support and not being able to do anything but say thank you is a hard reality to live in.

My health has been getting better.  I am able to walk (slowly) and stand for longer periods of time, but the slow pace of my recovery is frustrating.  I visited the doctor this past week and she raised the possibility that this could turn into something more long term… which is not exciting at all.  My medication has been adjusted to hopefully speed up my recovery.

icon_34All of that said, I am able to ride my mountain bike again.  It feels good to be able to move faster than a slow walk.  I am planning to ride in the Ride for Refuge on Oct 5th for a total of 10 kms.  This will be a bit of a challenge for me, but I am confident that I will be able to complete the full 10kms.  I am also raising support for an amazing ministry in Guatemala.  Our good friends, Barb and Gerry, have been in Guatemala for several years now and have done a great job of building relationships and investments into the lives of so many.  The money I raise will enable them to make further significant impact in the lives of students in some remote communities.  God’s fingerprints are all over what they are doing.

You can read more about their ministry by clicking here.

If you are able to support the team riding with me, please visit the Ride for Refuge website and search for my name to make an online donation.  You can also just click here to be taken directly to my page.

If you are unable to make a financial donation, please continue supporting me through prayer.  I appreciate prayer for my health to return to normal and especially for Oct. 5th as I ride my bike.

Be Blessed

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