Drivers… here and in Bolivia

If anyone has ever spent time experiencing the ways people drive in Bolivia, you might

BoliviaTrafficJam think I am crazy… Bolivian drivers don’t really follow any rules of the road, well rules that we North America’s would follow anyways.

During our time in Bolivia I learned that the lines on the road, the lights at the intersections, speed limit sign, etc. are all just suggestions.  Seriously.  I learned that part of the problem is the lack of ability to enforce the laws of the road (in a city of 800,000 people)… but from what I experienced, I there is a kind of unspoken law between the drivers.  For example at a crowded intersection, drivers will inch themselves into and out of the intersection… they will likely shout words of love and adoration towards each other (To be honest, I don’t fully know/understand the Spanish language… but it looked like they spoke with deep passion towards the other drivers).

After months of taxi and truffi rides on roads without rules, I was looking forward to better drivers Canada.

Well, having been back for over a month and having the opportunity to travel a bit between Sudbury and Brampton, there is part of me that misses the Bolivian roads.  I know, crazy.

The drivers here are often more crazy than my Bolivian friends.  The other day on a drive to Georgetown we came across three single car accidents… we did have a bit of rain, but seriously?  I have seen too many people running lights, a pedestrian who was within inches of getting hit (while focusing on their phone), and motorbikes or fast cars weave recklessly in and out of traffic, only to be stopped with me at the next light.

I don’t know why this bothers me so much.

People on the roads need to get a grip.  Is the risk of injury or even death worth the few minutes you MIGHT save?

Maybe it is the more relaxed way of doing life in Bolivia that has shaped my view.  I really don’t know.

But I am getting tired of the way people drive on these roads.

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