Making Cents of it All

Well, first I need to apologize.  I am sorry for the extended period between posts.  It has been too long since our last update.DSCF5852

The last 3-4 weeks have been a difficult time in so many ways.  I hope to share more details in the near future, but in the last 4 weeks we have had to say goodbye to some great friends in Bolivia, deal with a seemingly unending series of medical issues for me (Rod), travel through 4 airports with 4 kids and 12 suitcases (plus carry-ons, backpacks, etc.), drive 27 hours and now live out of suitcases.  Lots to reflect on and process… when we find time to do so ;).

I wanted to give you an update on our financial situation.

When leaving for Bolivia, we knew we were about $1,500 below budgeted amounts for the 9 months away. With that in mind we always aimed to try and stay below budget on expenses unless the $1,500 did come in.  In the course of our time in Bolivia we never raised the last $1,500 but also managed to stay under budget on every category we had control of (ie. some medical issues and lawyer fees for work visas cost more, but housing, utilities, language training were all under-budget).  The final numbers are still being calculated by SIM Canada, but my best guess at this point is that we will still be short somewhere between $1,000 and $1,500.

In the years before going to Bolivia, as many already know, I was a full-time student at McMaster Divinity.  During this time, we had used most of our savings to focus on my education.  This has an impact on us today because we have very little savings for us to rely on.  We were also planning to have an income by working for my brother beginning on Tuesday.

So contrast much here.... flower - cactus, color - grey dirt, thorns - flower.

Beauty can come from some tough/ugly situations. (Picture taken from La Paz Bolivia, Valley of the Moon)

If you have been following me on Facebook, you will know that I can not currently walk on my right foot… which makes working on Tuesday impossible (landscaping work).  All of this leaves us in a difficult position.  We are expecting to owe SIM Canada funds to cover the difference, and have very little in savings and unknown future for income possibilities.

There two things we’d like to request of our supporters.  First, please join us in prayer.  We are confident about our call to Bolivia and the ministries we served there.  We know that God was also aware of the situation we’d be coming home too.  God has a plan for us, even in the midst of challenge and difficulty.  Pray that we’d clearly see the next steps God is calling us too and that we’d have the confidence/courage to step forward in that.  Pray also for His provision to meet our needs (physically, emotionally and spiritually).

Second, if you are a financial supporter, please consider either an aditional donation through SIM Canada or to extend your monthly support by a month or two to help cover the full budget of our Bolivian mission experience.  We understand not everyone can offer aditional financial support, and we are very very thankful for those who have supported us soo much in this past year.

Even in the midst of so many unknowns, our confidence rests in who we serve.  God is Good.

Information on how to financially support us can be found here.

One thought on “Making Cents of it All

  1. Hi Rod and Jen,
    Be assured that we are praying for you, the challenges financially, your health and the many uncertainties you must feel at this time.
    Love, Sue and Roy.

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