Bolivian Snow Days

There have been a few times this year when I have posted the comment, “Bolivian Snow Day… No school Today!” on facebook.  In each case I would have a comment or message asking me about how snow Cochabamba gets or confusion from people who know we don’t get snow here.  So, let me explain.

heavy-snowBolivian snow days are a reference to some sort of blockade going on that has caused the cancelation of school for the day.  These blockades are not violent (usually) but they do block major roads and bridges.  In most cases you can just walk through them, but they do not allow vehicles.  This creates the need to either come up with long alternate routes or multiple vehicle (ie. trufi’s before and after each blocked road).  School gets canceled to avoid the possiblity of a bus load of students getting stuck at a blocked road or in the event that something does become violent.

Today is the 13th lost day of school this year.  The 6th or 7th day in the last two weeks.

Now, the school is set up for this.  I think we could learn something here in Canada.  When school is canceled, teachers submit work for their students (not just homework) to the school website where students are expected to check and complete as if they were at the school.  You can see today’s work for each grade by visiting the CCS website and clicking on the various grades on the left.cochabambaseparaliza

The reason for this post is to invite you to pray for this country and the situations causing the current round of blockades.  The issues are complex and things are getting more heated as time marches on.  I encourage you to look up some of the news around the blockades online to get a glimpse of all that is happening (make sure the date of any article is current).  There is much at stake for all the groups involved.

For those who have already been following the news here and have contacted us about concerns, we are fine and in a safe place.  For the most part we are outside Cochabamba and have no real need to go into town or ever cross a blockade.  SIM is a great organization and keep us up to date if we need to be extra careful at any time and living at the school gives our kids lots of room to run and safely be outside as much as possible.

Lastly, pray for the students and teachers at CCS.  With the canceled classes coming at the end of the shcool year, there is extra pressure on both sides to complete work and prepare for finals.  It is difficult for teachers to be giving work that has not been taught in class, so creative ways are needed to help students grasp the needed material and concepts.  It is equally difficult for students to complete their work having little contact with their teacher or note from class time.  There is only 8 school days left for High School students before exams.

Your prayers are appreciated.  Be Blessed.

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