Time to visit the shop!

heartI don’t know about you, but my best time of day is the morning.  I like nothing better than to wake up to a sleeping house, where I breath in the rich aroma of coffee, as I settle in to my “quiet spot” with my journal, pen and worn out Bible in hand.  Those are the precious moments when God really speaks to my heart.  This morning was no exception.  I am struck by a simple, yet profound thought.  It is not a new thought or truth, and that’s what I like about it.

3 words from Psalm 51 stand out in my mind.  Create.  Renew.  Restore.

The ultimate creator God, did not stop creating things on the 6th day.  He still creates and He can create something new in my heart and life.  Things that have never touched me in a deep way before, or a lesson that I’ve not yet learned.  I believe I need times like that to keep me close to Him.  This helps me to rely on Him.  He does show me new and wonderful things about Himself, others and myself.  For that, I am thankful.  Always growing.

Other times, God can renew or refresh truths or lessons that I’ve already learned.  Maybe those truths have been forgotten and have become covered with dust like an old classic novel tucked away on the bookshelf.  Those truths, I believe, and if asked, would never deny their importance in my life, but as it stands at that certain moment, do not carry the delight, intrigue or influence it once had in my life.  God’s Holy Spirit can take those precious gems, blow the dust and cob webs off, so that they bring life to my heart as they once did. Those morsels of hope and truth are essential to my sustaining my faith.

What really speaks to me are the moments when God restores.  I’ve come to realize that that’s the type of business He’s in.  The Restoration Business.  Taking what was broken, hopeless, forgotten, unwanted and bringing it to complete wholeness.

I’ve seen TV shows before where people surprise a guest with taking their beloved, beat up, unfinished classic car, and totally restoring it to it’s original design.  Sometimes it looks BETTER than the original, because they go the extra mile to perfect it.

That’s what God does for me.  He takes my broken heart and, if I allow Him, He gently washes the wounds, and hurts of my heart and re-crafts those pieces.  He makes my heart whole again – restored.  If I am willing to let Him come into the places of my heart and mind that have messed up thinking and bitterness, or sin, He will touch them and by the truth of His Word, I will find myself complete.  Much like the original design He has in mind for me.

What I love about my Savior, is that He is not oblivious to the fact that my life can get off track pretty easily and fall apart.  When I look back, I shake my head in disbelief because I realize I’ve let parts my life become that way and they  look nothing like the “original design.”  But that’s when I come back to the owner of the Eternal Restoration Shop and I lay my pieces at his feet and say, “Help me.  I can’t do this on my own.  I’ve tried, but the pieces don’t fit together.  I don’t have the blue prints.  I can’t figure it out.  I need YOU to restore me.”

I’ve been there.  In fact, I took my whole self in for a complete restoration last year and found what the sign on the outside of the shop says is true.  “He is faithful.  He will do it.”  I’m not naive to think that I won’t have to visit his shop again, for some tune ups.  That’s far from the truth, because here I find myself again.

God’s Spirit was helping me see that some of my thinking needed to be restored.  My mind needed some renewing in the department of God’s goodness.

Due to some challenges in my life, I began to change my definition and trust in God’s goodness.  I wondered what good could come out of some situations I was facing.  Then I started to see things around me as not good, dissatisfying, annoying.  My moods were changing and I was become discontent and resentful.

But God, (don’t you just love those 2 words?) in His mercy asked me if I thought HE was good.  Not my situation or the people around me, but was He, in His very nature, down to the core, was HE good?  I knew that this profound question needed his restoring touch.  The absolute truth that HE IS GOOD.  Oh, if you asked me, I would say I believed that, but the fact of the matter was that it didn’t look like the original design in my mind and heart.  I let the cares of this world, and my sin alter this and I had missed the mark.

Thanks be to God for His grace to guide me into all truth through His Word. He has restored this in me!  God IS good.  His ways ARE good.  He is not a taker, but a giver!  Even when I don’t like a situation, or can’t see why things around me happen as they do, it pales in comparison to the overwhelming truth that I can trust God 100% in anything, because HE IS GOOD!

I have been restored!

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