Meet the Class (Gr. 12)

I want to introduce you to my classes.  Over the next few months I will try to give a short post for each of the grades I teach (Grades 9 thru 12).

Today I want to introduce you to the awesome grade 12 class!  I have really enjoyed teaching this class and appreciate their willingness to always engage with whatever topic is being taught.  I believe this is largely because they are in their last year of high school and know life is about to get serious in the months ahead.

One of my favourite memories with this grade is from the first term that I taught them.  To get to know each student better, I had them come to the front of the class and share for a few minutes about who they are, why they are in Bolivia and what they wanted to do once they graduated.  I did this with each grade and each grade did a great job with this task… well, except the grade 12’s.  Somehow they turned this time into a “favourite memory from high school” moment.  I don’t think they even noticed it, but each student got up and seemed to flawlessly transition into sharing about some of their favourite times and people at CCS.  From my perspective, being the new guy at school, it was pretty cool to have a front row seat into the amazing work being done in and through these students while at this school.

God is doing an amazing work in this country through schools like CCS.  On top of shaping these young lives by teaching and modeling God’s love and grace, it provides a ‘peace of mind’ for many ministry families… allowing those families to focus on what God has called them to do.  Each of these wonderful students in the pictures below represents a family and/or ministry somewhere in Cochabamba doing what God has called them to.

It will be fun to see where God takes these students in the years ahead!

Pray with us and the staff/families at CCS for this class.  They are deep in the middle of making next step decisions about future education, ministries and professions.  One of the crazy things about a school like this is that these students will literally be scattered around the world next year as many move back to home countries to attend universities, colleges and enter the work force.

Oh, before I forget, you can also pray for the senior class trip (first week of April).  I have been asked and accepted to chaperone the guys during this week long trip to Santa Cruz (Bolivia).  I am very excited to be able to hang out with and get to know each of the guys even better.  Pray for safety and for great memories (and for rest for me!)

Be Blessed!

DSCF7757 DSCF7756 DSCF7755 DSCF7754

2 thoughts on “Meet the Class (Gr. 12)

    • Thank you so much Sue! We love and appreciate your prayers and I will let the class know they have people as far away as Canada praying for them!

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