Challenge.  That is an interesting word.  I have always prefered the word “challenge” over words like “hard,” “difficult,” “unfair,” etc.  For me, something isn’t necessarily hard or unfair, rather it is a challenge.  I know, this might be symantics… or word-smithing, but more importantly, I believe it is an issue of perspective.

Something that is hard or difficult often offers little hope.  Times like this can be depressing and zap us of the energy needed to see the hope that is usually not that far away.  These issues, when seen as unfair, can also cause us to put our focus on the wrong things, rather then on the place our hope truely comes from.

On the other hand, when seen as challenges, we are faced with something that may stretch us or push us to grow from this experience.  As a challenge we know that the hope on the other side will be a better, more improved me.  Of course there are always limits to how far this will go, but in my experience, I have been able to substitute the word challenge in most difficults times in life.

I have not posted for a while.  For that, I am sorry.  We have been working through a new challenge that has been placed before us as a family.  There has always been challenges with adjusting to the culture here in Bolivia.  We can not go anywhere outside the school walls without coming face to face with the struggle of things like; communication, travel, money and culture.  For the most part we are able to work through these challenges and have grown so much in the last months due to them.  However, these things are not why I have not posted recently.

The last few weeks we have been talking with Mary and helping her in some of the struggles she has had while living in Bolivia.  We have truely enjoyed having her live with us and our kids have also appreciated having an ‘older sister’ that they could talk to or seek help from or even just to bug.  However, in the end, Mary has felt the best way forward for her is to return to Canada.  This decision affects our family and many others here at CCS, SIM and Compassion… Mary will be missed by many.

Please pray for Mary while she transitions back to life in Canada and adjusts to the new challenges God has in store for her there.  Pray as well for our family, especially our children, as we transition back to being just the Vis family.

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