Difficult Images

I saw something on Monday that I won’t soon forget.

We had decided to go to the city as a family to look for a few things and just walk the streets to see more of Cochabamba.  While walking around we ended up in an area we did not feel to safe in, so we went to a busier intersection to wave down a taxi.  While standing there we noticed two younger men helping a third older man.  The third man had an obviously injured leg that was wrapped in old bandages and, based on the shape, was likely missing part of his foot.  The fact that his leg was bandaged told me he likely was not born this way, but suffered some injury in the recent past.

My first thought was that these two younger men where helping the old one get where he was going.  In the end, I think I was right, but it was his destination that surprised me.

They carried the injured man into the middle of the street, then dropped him off.  They literally placed him in the middle of a fairly busy three lane road so he could beg for money.  I watched him shuffle slightly to sit more on the lines and realized that if a car or bus saw him too late, there was no way he would be able to move out of the way.  Sitting on the road also meant that he was low enough that it would be easy for a bus to not see him early enough.

What I saw makes be think of this passage in Acts (click here to read it).  This man was doing what he knows best to try to get some money… even though this included putting his life at further risk.  I have no idea what he planned to do with the money we gave him… maybe it was to support an addiction or maybe it was to help pay a medical bill.  It is easy to get lost in those kinds of details and miss the bigger picture.  I decided to focus on praying for him.

This post is to invite you to join me in praying for this unknown man who was sitting in the middle of a street in Cochabamba yesterday afternoon.  I will likely never meet this man again, but I think that is ok.

We complain about a lot of things in our Western world societies, but few of them require us to risk our lives for some spare change.  How can we be more of a blessing to those around us and how can we be more thankful for the blessing we have?

Lord, I lift this man up to you.  I know nothing about him, but you know him well.  I am thankful for the ways you continually bless my family and I and ask that you give us your eyes and heart to see those around us in need.  Give me courage to sacrifically love those who need love.  I pray for safety and healing for this man.  I pray that he would come to know you intimately if he doesn’t already and that you could use him and his experiences for your Kingdom purposes.  Help us to not be blinded by the false lights of this world and by the things it tries to sell us.  May I never forget that all I have is yours.  Help me to be your face to those who do not know you and please forgive me for the times I mess up.  It is in the name of Christ that I pray all these things.  Amen.

3 thoughts on “Difficult Images

  1. Rod, I love reading your blog. Especially the stories like this one. We do take so much for granted and I believe God to put people like you in our lives to bring us to God’s reality. Know that you and your family are loved and prayed for!

    • Thanks Lisa for your kind words and your prayers. We do take so much for granted and this experience is stretching and growing us in incredible ways! Be Blessed!

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