A few pictures from our walk today…

There a few things that are just different in Bolivia (if you didn’t know that already!).

For example, people here like to share.  Here is a picture of a gentleman who cut a whole in the canvas of his convertable just so he can put the speakers outside his car for your enjoyment.  He seems to enjoy driving around sharing his personal reflections with everyone… and just to keep things interesting, from time to time he will play his favourite music for your listening enjoyment!  So thoughtful!Jan 30 2013_0035

Venders in Bolivia are everywhere and sell everything… especially around the Cancha (open air market).  Below is a picture of someone who has set up shop between two parked cars.

People will set up shop to seel whatever they can just about anywhere!


The next picture is typical image i see all the time in Cochabamba.  We have a lady walking with a wheelbarrow full of beans.  The wheelbarrow is covered with a tarp and likely has a large chunk of ice in the middle.  She then covers if with the beans she is selling to keep them cool in the hot afternoon sun.  On her back you will notice a child that she will also have to carry and take care of all day.  I know nothing more about this lady, thus can only imagine doing this all day must be incredibly hard work for the little bit of money she will get for these beans.

0026 0027


Another common scene is people selling juice on the street.  This is something I think could work in Toronto!  Basically these ladies have a cart full of oranges, a peeler, an orange press and a bunch of glasses.  For 3 Bolivianos (about 45 cents) you can buy a glass of juice.  They squeeze the juice while you wait… giving you the best orange juice you can get!029 Fresh squeezed orange juice anyone? 0032


Before we conclude our short journey down the streets of Cochabamba, we have one more picture of a discovery we made a while back, but did not have the camera.  Who knew you could find Canada in Bolivia!

Hotel Canada!!!

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