Pictures from our trip to La Paz

A few pictures of our time in La Paz.  The reality is these pictures do not capture the true beauty of this city, but it does give you a glimpse of what we saw.

Our journey to La Paz was an interesting one.  It involved an 8 hour bus ride (similar to a Greyhound bus for my Canadian friends), with only 1 stop.  Fine for most adults, not so much for kids.  The one stop is, hmm, lets just say it is an adventure in of itself.  As much as we needed the stop, I was happy to move on.

La Paz seems, in my opinion, to be a much cleaner city than Cochabamba.  There are many green spaces with flowers and designed landscapes.  I would recommend you use something like Google Earth to see a 3D version of the city.  Think of a bowl carved out of the top of a mountain and you are pretty close to La Paz.  Everywhere you go, you are walking uphill or downhill.  The only flat places seem to be the soccer fields and the buildings.  I did not see any accidents while I was there, but I can only assume that there must be a high percentage of fender benders, especially on rainy days.  Looking at the tires on most cars and the fact that you are always driving up or down steep roads… well, I would be nervous driving in this place!

The other thing that can not be avoided in La Paz is the lack of oxygen.  At this altitude, you often find yourself breathing heavy, especially climbing stairs or walking uphill… which is all the time!  Even just sitting and eating or relaxing I would catch myself taking a deep breathe.

On the way home, we took the night bus.  I would recommend this to anyone with kids!  It is twice the price (about $12/person), but worth it if for no other reason but that you have a bathroom on the bus.

All in all, we enjoyed our visit to La Paz… even though I was unable to ride the Death Road… but that will be another story for another day!

3 thoughts on “Pictures from our trip to La Paz

  1. Very nice pictures. We enjoyed those very much. Looks like you guys had a fabulous trip with lots of fun.
    We love and miss you,

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