Centro Comunitario Sumumpaya

This past week we had the wonderful privilege of visiting a local ministry not too far from the school.  The Sumumpaya Community Center seeks to build relationships with people in the community.  This is an area where the people are cold to the gospel message and the Truth of scripture.  It does this by providing opportunities to engage with people in the places they do life, by meeting the needs of those living around the center.

A few of the ways they do this are;

Education: Mostly pre-schoolers can come for 1/2 a day to learn many things from hygiene to the ABC’s.  There is also after school help for school-aged students.

Medical needs: There is a dentist and a psychologist to further help the child grow strong and healthy.

Kitchen: They use the kitchen for weekly cooking classes.

Youth room: A place for youth to connect and build relationships.

A covered gym:  This room offers everything from soccer skills training (Tyler is enrolled) to a rental space for weddings, etc.

A weight room: A great space for people to come and work out.

Zumba: This is an area that can be used for many things, currently offering Zumba classes.

This ministry is an example of Integral Mission at it’s finest.  It is meeting the needs of a people group that is simply not receptive to the good news of the gospel.  The wording used during our time there was that they were not only planting seeds, but tilling the soil.  Pray for this ministry, and if God leads, I know they can use your financial support too.

The long-term goal is to become self-sufficient by the small fees/memberships charged for the use of the center.  God is using the Quinteros family and this center in some great ways… what a blessing they are to the community.  We look forward to connecting and visiting on a more regular basis.  You can also learn more about Integral Missions at this link.

Enjoy a few of the pictures we took during our time there.

Be Blessed.

2 thoughts on “Centro Comunitario Sumumpaya

  1. Thanks for posting about your life in Bolivia. I’m particularly thrilled to see that ZUMBA made it to Bolivia, you guys should attend classes.Ayyyyyy!!! Hugs

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