Hike in the mountains

This week school was closed for spring week, so we had an opportunity to take in a few different adventures.  Today we spent some time hiking in the mountains around Cochabamba.  We are continually struck by the amazing beauty in this country.  Today’s hike was in an area I first visited when I was here in 2010.  One new observation this time was the number of Bolivians who seemed dressed for work or something, hiking up the mountain with a purpose (they didn’t seem to be checking out the view).  We think that some may have had homes in the hills somewhere… who know how long they had to go.  I can’t imagine living in the country and having to hike out to the travel into the city for work each day… at least it would be better then having to travel the 400 highways in Toronto!

Below is a few of our pictures.  Enjoy.

One thought on “Hike in the mountains

  1. I love these pictures…..so incredibly beautiful! I can only imagine how it appears in person. Oh and Jen … I can’t believe how long your hair has gotten!!! Miss you guys….stay safe …have fun …and spread the word!

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