Our First Soccer Game

So we finally got to go to our first Soccer game as a family… and the teams did not disappoint!

The home team scored about midway in the first half and went ahead by 2 before the half ended.  Our most exciting hockey games in Canada have nothing on the soccer fans here when a goal is scored!  When the away team scored late in the second the energy was uncontrollable (both the cheering from the fans and the anger from the home team fans).  Late in the game the away team tied it up making for a very tense and exciting finish to the game.  We became very aware of how quickly things can get out of hand as we saw a number of fans clashing after the game… including a quick retreat to an open field when a fight broke out and the police rushed the scene!

All in all it was a great night and we look forward to doing it again!  Next time we might leave a few minute earlier… lol.

Enjoy the pictures of our night!

3 thoughts on “Our First Soccer Game

  1. hi thats good to know you are all doing well….and having fun… yap this is how soccer is here too…things get out of hand this is why I dont like the game…i call it hate game…my husband used to play in teams he was real good..but after our accident he can’t play anymore but he still loves it…its his pasion….!

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