Aaand We’re Off! (with pictures!!)

I can’t believe it, but we are sitting in the airport waiting for our plan to take us to Bolivia (well, Lima, Peru first)!

So far the journey started on Saturday morning with a 26 hour drive straight through (from Brampton Ontario to Port Charlotte Florida).  We had about 30 hours to sleep, rest and purchase any last minute things.  From there we drove from Port Charlotte to Miami (had a bit of fun driving around Miami looking for a WalMart and a place to eat… I promise to never complain about Toronto traffic again!).

After dropping off the van we checked 10 bags and loaded down the kids with everything else.  Here is a few pictures of how we got to this point…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our journey ahead will have us flying out at 11:55pm and landing in Peru at 4:20am.  We will then fly out at 10:20am to Santa Cruz (land at 2:05pm).  Our last flight will take us to Cochabamba at 5:15pm.

4 thoughts on “Aaand We’re Off! (with pictures!!)

  1. Oh, I so so so enjoyed seeing those pictures, they made me smile and miss you more at the same time. It’s good to hear, that you made it there safely. Get some rest and I hope you are feeling at home soon. Keep us posted. Love ya all, Nicole

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