Update – September 7, 2012

Well, where to start… the last week has been crazy.

Just over a week ago we had no one looking at our house for rent, no one offering to take our dog and sitting at about 74% funds raised… with no movement for awhile.

Our house: On thursday we had 10 minutes notice for someone to see our house.  They came and liked it and had the paper work handed in Friday morning.  This gave us 1 day to pack up and move out!

Our dog: We had two offers made on Wednesday, but in the end only one place could take Holly.  We only need one house for her 😉  but another answer to prayer for sure!

Funds: We have had people supporting us from as far as Holland!  So thankful for the many many people who have supported us on this journey.  To date (Sept. 7) we are sitting around 88% (or about $52,000 in one time donations, pledges and promised money)… we will be adding some money from our savings that should push us up over 90%

With all this news and updates, our week went something like… Saturday we packed the house into the garage, loaded the tent trailer and van with clothes and things we might take with us to Bolivia (Special thanks to those who helped… we could not pull that off without the extra hands!).  Sunday we spent the morning at Heart Lake Baptist before heading to London to visit some family there, then Monday to Thursday we camped at my childhood campground (Grundy Lake).  Kind of a family only few days before life gets busy with moving and transition, etc.  It was fun showing my kids where I spent so much time as a kid with my brothers.  It was also very empty… it felt a bit like the campground was just for us.

We will spend the next little while at my parents while we raise the last bit of support.  We are thankful that my parents are able to put up with us for this time.  I will also work where ever I can till the funds are in.  We are thankful for so many people helping in our journey to Bolivia!

There have been so many blessing this week it is hard to put them down on paper.  I will try to share in a few more posts over the next few days (as well as a few pictures).

In the meantime, please continue to pray with us for the last $6,000 of support to come in quickly!

Til my next post, Be Blessed!!

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