The Power of Multiplication

I remember a time when I had a badly photocopied sheets full of numbers.  We were to study it and memorize it so that we would get better at knowing our multiplication table.  I think I did ok, but I’m not sure.

Many years later I feel like I have a new respect for the power of multiplication.  Let me illustrate a few examples of what I mean;

  • We all need needles (Yellow fever, twinrix, etc.).  For one person, the price isn’t too bad.  However, if you multiply that by 6 you end up with a total cost of approx. $3,600.  The power of multiplication.
  • When people give a financial donation, that money allows 6 people to focus on the ministry God has called us too.  Rod and Jen will work at the teacher level, but our 4 kids are also strong ambassador for Christ and will be an example to their classmates and friends in Bolivia too.  There is potential for a ripple effect in the number of people that can be impacted from one donation.  The power of multiplication.
  • Each day, while teaching in Bolivia, we will have several classes of children and teens.  Each of those students have parents, family and friends from Bolivia and around the world.  The opportunity to impact these teens by teaching God’s truths and modeling Godly values has the potential to impact hundreds of people from all walks of life.  The power of multiplication.

We often forget how quickly something simple or small can be multiplied in impact.

We have received many generous gifts and donation so far.  We are so thankful to the many people who have given us much to the work we will be doing in Bolivia.  We pray for each of you.

I am also aware that for many people our goal of $60,000 seems so big.  Thoughts like, “How can my small donation possible make a difference?  I’m not rich enough to make a dent in the $60,000” may come to mind.

This is where the power of multiplication steps in.  Can you afford to donate $1 a day towards our goal of having an impact in the poorest Latin American country?  If 10 people say yes, the translates into $3,650 over the year.  If only 17 people could commit to $1 a day, that would cover a full 10% of our needed support!

So, the question, is can you afford $1 a day ($30/month)?  It isn’t much… but the power of multiplication means it can be used in powerful ways.

All this and I haven’t even talked about God’s power of multiplication (think about how Jesus fed 5,000 with a few loaves of bread and fish).  God can use your $1 in ways you and I could not even imagine!  We only have a few weeks left and have a significant amount of money to raise.  Please consider how you might be able to help.

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