Bolivia Bake Sale “Takes The Cake”!!

“Patty cake.  Patty cake.  Baker’s man.  Bake me a cake as fast as you can.”  That’s exactly what happened for our bake sale.  Some 20 plus friends brought out their culinary delights and let me tell you, everything sold like hotcakes!

I have never organized a bake sale, so this was new ground for me, but boy did our friends really step up and wow us.  It really was a team effort.  We had everything from brownies and cookies, to pies and homemade jam!   It was hard for me not to taste each treat.  I was so grateful for the fact that not only did they give of their time and ingredients, but they baked during one of the hottest weeks we’ve had so far!  Now, that’s dedication!! I’m super grateful for my pals who helped package, price and make labels for the sweets.  You girls are scrumptious!! We were very pumped to sell the baked goods, but even more excited to share our story with the staff at Westervelts Corners Public School. It was fun to interact with them and have our kids participate in the event.   It was a big deal for our kids to be in the staff room during school!  They even got spoiled by one teacher who bought them some of the treats.  Many of the teachers gave over and above the selling price and we were simply humbled by their generosity.  All in all, we made about $500.  Did I mention that Westervelts is the BEST school in Brampton?! Oh, I can’t forget to mention Mary Pepper and my mom Kathy for being willing to help set up, sell the goodies and clean up afterwards.  Thank-you!! Thanks again to everyone who helped make our first fundraiser run “smooth like butter.”  All in all, I would say it was a SWEET success!!

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