The other day I was reminded about why I am going to Bolivia.
I was invited to give a welcome on behalf of Orangeville Baptist Church to the Dufferin Youth Festival of Arts. This event is held at our church every year. I was happy to represent the church and it seemed like a small part of my day. But it wasn’t. After I gave my little welcome, I was left with a familiar impression. You see, I have felt this way before and yet I was surprised to feel it again. It’s the feeling of inspiration. To be inspired means to influence, to spur on, motivate. Another meaning is to infuse (as life) by breathing.
I felt that life giving breath sweep over me as I looked out over the chairs that are typically filled with adults of various ages. This day, the bodies that filled the majority of these same chairs had legs that could hardly reach the floor yet alone fill the width of the seats. The infusion of life and motivation that I was feeling was from the look on each face that I saw. It is the face of hope, the face of what could be. I’ve looked into these faces before. Each time I led a group of kids in singing worship, or when I am reading to my favourite grade 1 class. It reminds me of the time I spent in the Dominican Republic. The faces of these “under privildged” children were the same as the “privildeged’ children I saw back home. What was the same? Their eyes are sparkling with possibility. Their smiles are evidence of the dreams they are dreaming.
That’s what inspires me to do what I’m doing now in my job as a children’s minister. That’s what inspires me to volunteer in the grade 1 class. That’s what inspires me everyday when I wake up to the faces of my own 4 beauties. That’s what inspires me to leave the comfort of my home and friends to spend time with complete strangers in Bolivia. I’m doing this next step in my life because I have been inspired by these sweet precious ones and now I want to inspire them. To show them that I believe in them. To inspire them to a better life. To a life with Jesus, who is my hope and who is my very life. I want them to know that they matter and that with God all things are possible!
That’s why I’m going to BOLIVIA!!

Some of the faces that inspire me!

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