SIM – Serving in Mission

In the last few months God has continued to do some amazing things.

A ‘chance’ conversation with SIM at Redeemer led to a coffee conversation at Second Cup that led to an application which has produced a small mountain of paper work.  All of this to say on April 17, 2012 The Vis Family became official Missionary Associates with SIM.

We will be moving to Cochabamba to work with grade 7 to 12 students.  Rod will be the Bible Teacher and Chaplain.  The next several months promise to be a crazy time and we will need God in some pretty huge ways.  Even with the challenges before us, we are confident of the call for us to go.

We ask that you join us in prayer.  Some of the specifics are;

  • Pray that we are able to get all the paper work done correctly.  Everything from passports to translated birth certificates needs to get done.
  • Pray for time lines.  We had in our minds to aim for one date, but we have been asked to consider moving that date up by 2 months.  This shortens many time lines for us as well as preparation.
  • Pray for financial details.  We have a lot to do here to raise our own support and also continue to meet some commitments here in Canada.
  • Pray for our children.  This will be going fast now and we pray that they are able to adjust and be flexible in all the details of the upcoming months.
  • Pray for Carachipampa Christian School.  This is where we will work and be spending most of our time.  Pray for our future students as they  adjust to a new teacher and for us as we become teachers (need lots of prayer there!)

We are excited, a bit nervous and continuing to trust God in all the details ahead.

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