Information On Bolivia and C.C.S.

Welcome to Bolivia, the landlocked “heart” of South America whose windswept Altiplano highlands and steamy eastern lowlands are home to one of South America’s most indigenous cultures. More than half the population still practices traditional Inca and Aymara religion which is often mingled with Catholicism. Bolivia is one of the countries in South America least influenced by Protestant Christianity. As the Bolivian Indian Mission (BIM), SIM first entered Bolivia in 1907 through the vision of New Zealander George Allan. Today SIM partners with a large and vibrant church in Bolivia called the Unión Cristiana Evangélica.

~ Source

Carachipampa Christian School is an international mission school with staff and students from over twenty nationalities. Since the school received its accreditation from ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) in 1993, the staff has continued to develop the curriculum to ensure that it meets the need of children from a large range of home countries.

All of the CCS staff are evangelical Christians, who strive to provide the best quality education for the students of the school and to prepare them for their future entrance into universities in Bolivia and throughout the world. CCS students have gained entrance into some of the best universities in Bolivia, the USA, Canada, the UK and other European countries, Australia and New Zealand.

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