DR 2011 – Missions together

2011 was a big year for us.  Jen and I had the privilege to work with CBOQ Youth as the coordinators for the 2011 Youth Mission Trip to the DR.  We were joined with 62 other teens and leaders from 6 churches and 1 school.  It was an amazing experience in all areas, but for our family God planted a seed that would grow and take shape of the next year.

We were asked to consider a one year mission trip as a family.  We were excited and honored.  We decided to take a few months to reflect, pray and seek God’s direction for this opportunity.  Through several months of wrestling and seeking God, we felt that we were being called to Bolivia.  To do what, we did not know.  We were simply confident of God’s call to go and decided to take steps in that direction and trusting God to reveal to us at the right times what we needed to know.

In the end, God used the 2011 DR Mission Trip to spark an thought in us that would infect our whole family.  Our children started talking about when we go to the mission field instead of if we go.  They even willingly donated birthday money and participated in fundraising events to raise money to send to children in the DR.  It is exciting when a whole family is on the same page with something as big as being called to missions.

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