2005 DR Mission Trip

Two years after that first mission’s trip to the DR (and a second child on the way), I had an opportunity to join the CBOQ team going back to the DR.  This time I was on my own (no teens from our church joined) on a team of over 80 people.  You learn a lot about logistics and moving people through airports with a group that big.

This trip reminded my why I fell in love with the DR and missions.  It also allowed me to see something different.  God is doing a work there (as he is here) and while it is hard to see the ‘bigger picture’ of that work on a 1 week trip, returning definitely gave me a glimpse of His plans.

I formulated a word picture to help me articulate what I am talking about.  Have you ever seen one of those posters that are made up of thousands of little pictures?  If you looked at only one image, you would never see the ‘bigger picture.’  At the same time, if you removed one of those images it would leave an obvious hole in the picture.  I see short term missions in a similar fashion.  Each trip is like one of those images.  God calls us to be faithful in working on the one image he has given us.  He is the master artist and can see the final goal.  When i got to return to the DR, I worked on a second image and got a glimpse of the work God was and is doing in that community around the LightHouse School.

That trip is one of the reasons I believe so much in the value of participating in a missions trip.

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